Things To Do


This year’s Dog Show on the 8th of July is going to have an Olympic theme. Instead of the usual categories we have:

      • Men’s 20m sniff’n’stroll
      • Ladies’ 15m strutt’n’pout
      • Veterans’ 10 m pant’n’flop
      • Puppies posing
      • Tail wag
      • 6 inch smile
      • 7 leg sprint
      • Pairs legs display
      • Owner look-a-like
      • Olympic Fancy Dress
I confess I’ve got no idea what most of
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Active at 60

“I’d have liked to go for a walk in the park…but I’d no-one to go with…”

Could this be you, or someone you know ? It’s what someone elderly said to us last summer.

Look out for details of our free weekly walks, due to start this spring and carry on through the summer. We’ll be a friendly group on a short, … read more