This Sunday is our December litter pick, our last litter pick of 2023. Why not not pop along and join us? It is a relaxed event. We pick up as much litter as we can before it gets broken down into microplastics.

We will be targeting the northern part of the park – meeting by the Art Pavilion at 10am to collect litter kit and have a short Health and Safety briefing before heading north up towards Bow Wharf via the canal side of the park. We then head back via the Grove Road side to finish up with a litter pick of the area around the Art Pavilion and Chris’ Wood. We’ll then reward ourselves with cakes and coffee at The Coffee Room.

We go out rain or shine – enjoying the changing seasons is part of the pull for some of us!

The Swans are back (kind of)

The Art Pavilion swans have kind of returned. For a week or so both were “swanning around”, but now one has relocated to the canal. We are keeping an eye on them, but park users can help by keeping their dogs on leads when near the Art Pond.

Elsewhere in the park, the cyclamen are still flowering, snowdrops are just coming in to flower, and we accidentally woke up a toad sleeping in Chris’ Wood. We put the toad back in its hole.