Snowdrops flowering in Chris' Wood

This Sunday, the 11th December, is our monthly litter pick in Mile End Park. The last official one of 2022. Pop along and join us – you don’t have to stay the whole two hours, but if you do then a reward of cake and light refreshments awaits you.

The other day I got to see my first Kingfisher in the park, sitting on a branch by the Eco Ponds. Thanks to John Archer, Tower Hamlets Council’s Biodiversity Officer, for spotting it. Alas we couldn’t get close enough for a decent photo, but I will certainly be on the lookout every time I pass the ponds now. John is responsible for the Tower Hamlets Local Biodiversity Action Plan. He also runs the Tower Habitats website which is well worth a look if you want to find out anything to do with nature in our borough.

This weekend we’ll start litter picking by Chris’ Wood, where lots of the snowdrops we planted last year are in bloom. We’ll make sure to litter pick gently without trampling on our bulbs!

These litter picking sessions during cold, dry days are my favourites. You never know if it is going to be windy, which is certainly invigorating; or if the air is going to be still and the park calm and quiet with autumnal foliage still putting on a show. The fox cubs seem to be confused by our recent cold snap too. They have been sitting upright in the middle of the day, by the “seven-year” field watching the cars go in and out of Clinton Road.

Event Details

Time: 10-12 noon
Location: Meet by the Art Pavilion (behind the Grove Road Texaco garage)
All equipment provided
Wear sturdy footwear and warm clothes. More info:

Heron watches over the Art Lake
Spotted a young-looking heron looking down on the Art Lake the other night.