city view

This Sunday, the 9th October, is our monthly litter pick in Mile End Park. Please pop along and join us – you don’t have to stay the whole two hours, but if you do then I can promise a reward of cake and light refreshments.

Wandering through the park today I spotted a thrush and a jay singing away on the same tree branch in Chris’ Wood, clumps of autumn flowering cyclamen were out in full; and sadly there were also pizza boxes and NO2 canisters.

For our last website-advertised litter pick a couple of months ago the grass looked dead and it was really, really hot. This weekend it might be dry/wet/hot/cold/windy – it is too early to tell. But whatever the weather we will be there.

Some of the trees are putting on their autumn coats species by species, leaf by leaf, like children getting up of a morning one by one. Whether or not you can make the litter-pick, do try and pop out over the weekend and enjoy the show nature is putting on for us. After the miserable looking sun-bleached summer we had get out and enjoy the greenery before it disappears.

Time: 10-12 noon
Location: Meet by the Art Pavilion (behind the Grove Road Texaco garage)
All equipment provided
Wear sturdy footwear and clothes appropriate to the weather. Long trousers recommended as there be nettles. More info: