Ian standing atop Moel Mile End litter pick and bin bag in hand

Embarrassingly I am only just getting around to the monthly litter pick email. Too much time spent doing silly stuff like the washing and washing up. Apologies. I will try harder in future to get the email out.

As usual we meet at 10am by the Art Pavilion, get kitted up with gloves, litter picks, bags and hoops and then go hunting for treasure littered about. There is no post litter-pick art to enjoy at the Art Pavilion this time (it finished on Saturday evening), so we’ll head straight to the Coffee Room for fluids and nibbles.

It has been a lovely weather today, which means Satan’s little helpers will likely have left us presents dotted about.

The herons have been out and about in the park this week as well as a very vocal thrush and the woodland floor has really exploded with plant life such as cow parsley, brambles and nettles. So don’t turn up in shorts unless you have Kevlar for skin. One of our regular volunteers has been doing a wildflower course at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and so we are likely to get lots of info on all the weeds, sorry wildflowers we encounter

Of course we’ll stop by and see how the water fowl are doing especially the cygnets on the Art Lake.

Please do pop along if you can.

Time: 10-12 noon
Location: Meet by the Art Pavilion (behind the Grove Road Texaco garage)
All equipment provided
Wear sturdy footwear and clothes appropriate to the weather. More info: info@fomep.org.uk