Some Exhibits from THAT Art Exhibition

For me, a personal highlight of the Art Pavilion’s annual round of exhibitions is the chance to see the artwork created by the borough’s A Level art students. The forthcoming “Reflect – Reconnect – Renew” exhibition, which runs from the 22nd-31st March, will celebrate the artwork of local art students from 13 Tower Hamlets schools.

How will the pandemic influence the content produced by these young minds? Will sadness and darkness dominate, or will there by light and humour? The show will definitely be thought-provoking.

As part of the exhibition a series of workshops will take place, enabling students to explore and experiment with new ideas and processes. Alongside this, visitors will have the opportunity to capture memories and thoughts about the pandemic during the exhibition time period as part of a live collaborative art piece. Email for more info.

The exhibition is curated by THAT network (Tower Hamlets Artist Teacher Network) London which is a forum for artist-teachers working in schools across the borough of Tower Hamlets to connect, collaborate, create, share good practice, promote arts education and actively empower all to explore the art and express themselves through art practice.

Dates: 22-31st March
Time: 11am-6pm
PV: Thursday 24 March, 4.30-7.30PM
Venue: The Art Pavilion
Address: Mile End Park, Clinton Road, E3 4QY
Exhibitors’ Instagram: thatnetworklondon