Collage of swans, cygnets, ducks in the Art Park Pond

This Sunday is the Friends’ monthly litter-pick of the Park. We meet at 10am by the Art Pavilion and litter-pick the park for a couple of hours (or less if you want to!) and then slope off to the Coffee Room for complimentary refreshments. Litter pickers, gloves and refuse bags are supplied. Just make sure you wear clothing suitable for our variable weather.

The park is full of contrasts at the moment – trees are being threatened by youths stripping the bark away; the water level in the Eco Pavilion is higher than it has been for years aided by the odd Boris Bike that has been added to the soup; and amid this vandalism a pair of swans have built a nest and are rearing an octet of signets.

Please do come along and join us this Sunday. As MC I promise to let you enjoy the park providing you lift the odd bit of litter.