"The Palm Tree. Regent's Canal" London. 8"x10" oil on canvas. "Painted in the rain and cold but so worth it." @josedejuanart


First off, sorry it’s been so long – I can’t believe the last posting was Halloween. Here’s a wonderful oil painting of the Palm Tree which I hope makes up for my silence.

Fingers crossed 2015 will be a good year for the park. Usually this time of year we are busy applying for grants, and whilst we are still doing that we are also trying our hardest to find a sponsor for our annual Park Life event (yep that’s the Dog Show to you and me). We are also trying to get some funding from the Bow community ward forums (they have a combined pot of £20,000 to distribute to suitable causes operating in the Bow East and Bow West wards).

In December we applied for funding for a series of guided walks in the park, and whilst we were unsuccessful with that application, we have another on the go -fingers crossed we will get it.

In just a few days time the Art Pavilion starts to host some art exhibitions for what I think is only the second exhibition in almost a year. I’ll be posting about this exhibition and the programme of shows shortly. Let’s hope the venue returns to its former glory.

Finally, if you would like to get more involved in helping our Friends group then please do drop us an email: info@fomep.org.uk We only meet around three times a year for at most a couple of hours each time.