Photography Exhibition Flyer at Art Pavilion, Mile End Park


Sunday 1st December is the last day of the London Independent Photography second annual group show at the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park. If you are taking an autumnal stroll through the park why not pop in and take a look. 17 photographers examine the theme of Slowing Down as described in the show’s introductory notes:


‘Slowing down’ opens up space for memories, for spirituality, for finding hidden corners of a city, for looking beyond visual clichés, for interacting with the people in front of the camera, for playing with light, for thinking about the meanings of a photograph. Here are, among other genres, still lives, nature photographs, cityscapes and portraits. Some of the photographers have slowed down the process of making pictures itself, either in the camera or in a wet or dry ‘darkroom’. This exhibition brings photographs together in wide range of themes, styles and techniques; from all over the world and through seventeen different lenses. And now, instead of being flashed across social networks, the images are on a gallery wall, forcing the viewer to slow down too.