Mile End Park's Park Life Event - Sunday 8th July

We’ve just two weeks left until this year’s Park Life. Lots of activities including children’s arts and crafts activities, face painting, a bouncy castle, t-shirt printing, outdoor sports, bicycle maintenance and artist stalls.

The Tower Hamlets Warden Service return with the extremely popular dog show which this year has, you guessed it, an Olympic theme. Our very own  ‘DOGOLMPLICKS‘ may not have the budget of our E20 neighbours but I bet they can’t match us for creativity:

Men’s 20m sniff’n’stroll 
Ladies’ 15m strutt’n’pout 


Veterans’ 10 m pant’n’flop 


Puppies posing 


Tail wag 


6 inch smile 


7 leg sprint 


Pairs legs display 


Owner look-a-like 


Olympic Fancy Dress 


If you are able to help in any way on the day then please get in touch. We need volunteers to help with tasks such as: helping to set up (10-12); T-shirt design table; Wardens for an hour or longer; manning the Help Desk; collecting Feedback; clearing site and rubbish collecting (4 onwards).
Hope to see you there. It should be great fun.