Month: May 2012


This year’s Dog Show on the 8th of July is going to have an Olympic theme. Instead of the usual categories we have:

      • Men’s 20m sniff’n’stroll
      • Ladies’ 15m strutt’n’pout
      • Veterans’ 10 m pant’n’flop
      • Puppies posing
      • Tail wag
      • 6 inch smile
      • 7 leg sprint
      • Pairs legs display
      • Owner look-a-like
      • Olympic Fancy Dress
I confess I’ve got no idea what most of
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Tents in Mile End Park

Occupy Protesters in the Park

Around 20 protesters from the Occupy anti-capitalist movement have been encamped in Mile End Park since the beginning of April.

On Wednesday, 9th May, Tower Hamlets Council obtained a court order to have the camp removed and this looks likely to happen within the next few days.

Whilst the Friends haven’t received any complaints from members of the public about … read more