Runner and cyclist passing each other on the canal

I regularly cycle use the towpath that forms the western border of Mile End Park either for a casual weekend stroll to the Pavillion Cafe in Vicky Park or on those days when I cycle to work. And I gave a Boris bike a test drive along it the other day.

Rarely does a trip go by without some kind of “incident”. I’ve had dogs chase me, fishermen’s poles trip me, migraines induced by cycle-mounted flashing strobe lights that seemed to be pointed right at my blue eyes. I do seem to have more mishaps than most.

The British Waterways towpath rangers are currently running a short online survey which gives all users of the towpath a chance to air their views. Last week I spent 2-3 hours giving out flyers for the survey and was amazed with the range of opinions people held. So whether you’re a runner, [dog] walker, angler, cyclist or a mix of the lot spend a few minutes completing their survey ( You never know you might even win the GPS prize.